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Why a Leaky Roof Is a Dangerous Roof

The difference between the outdoors and
your home is the comfort and peace you feel at home. You are safe and protected
from outside elements, including hailstorms and snow, thanks to your roof.
However, when your roof starts leaking, the security and peace you are
experiencing turn into a nightmare. 

Incidents happen and can be minor or
significant depending on the source of the water damage. As your shingles
age, it’s normal to experience minor leaks during heavy hailstorms. However,
these leaks can escalate into a significant catastrophe if unaddressed. In this
article, we’ll look at the various dangers of a roof leak.

Water Damage

Water damage, when neglected, can cause
serious harm. It can endanger your life, cause severe property damage, and
result in expensive repairs. Constant leaks can lead to health hazards like
rot, mold, and weakened structures. Address roof leaks promptly to prevent them
from spreading to other parts of your home. 

Compromised Home Structure

While infrequent, a collapsed ceiling
represents one of the most severe consequences of a leaking roof. Conversely,
dark patches of mold and fungi are far more prevalent. Your ceiling
hoists, rafters, fascia boards, and wall framing can also be affected. In
extreme cases, you might also notice effects on the exterior walls.

Prolonged roof leaks can lead to
deteriorated or weakened wood and rotten wood framing. This can result in
severe damages requiring professional intervention. Water seeping through walls
and ceiling joists can lead to costly repairs for the framing.

Damage to the Attic and Insulation

The attic and insulation are the first
victims of a leaking roof. Water leaks into your attic, causing the insulation
to clump up and lose functionality, inhibiting heat transfer. Attic insulation
can lose effectiveness if damp, as moisture compromises its ability to retain
heat. Fiberglass, widely used in attic construction, is praised for its
waterproof nature.

When wet, fiberglass loses its thermal
resistance, leading to heat loss in your home. Without a functional attic, your
home will experience extreme heat in summer and intense cold in winter. Damaged
attics can also damage your ceiling fixtures. 

The pride of Roof Top Innovations is in
providing you with professional roofing services. Our specialists will assess
your roof and conduct essential repairs to prevent any additional damage. Don’t
hesitate to reach out to us today for any roofing requirements you may have.