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Insurance Claims & Coverage

Experiencing damage to your home can be a stressful, unsettling, and confusing experience.  The process of repairing it can take time and require a great deal of patience.  During catastrophic weather events, the process can turn from an inconvenience into a burden.  This information is to help you make informed decisions and save yourself time, money, and additional stress.

We work with your Insurance company

In the aftermath of significant severe weather events, insurance companies may hire inexperienced adjusters to handle the influx of claims, often leading to inaccuracies in recognizing roof damage. These inaccuracies can impact your claim, potentially leaving you with insufficient funds for restoring your roof to its pre-loss condition.

Our team of trained and experienced roofing professionals ensures an accurate assessment of your roof’s condition. Well-versed in the best products and current industry standards, they are knowledgeable about installation requirements that align with manufacturer specifications and building code/permit regulations.

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