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What Is a Roof Maintenance Plan and Why Do You Need One?

At CR Systems, Inc we know that investing in a new roof can be one of your largest expenses. We work with building owners and facility management staff to maintain the roofs they have and budget for new roofs. Once a new roof is installed the maintenance is not over and we are here to help you maintain them!

A maintenance plan for a commercial flat roof is facilitated by a commercial roofing contractor to perform regular inspections, cleaning, and maintenance to prevent more severe damage from occurring.

Enrolling in a maintenance plan, or contract is an easy way for building owners and managers to ensure their commercial roof remains under warranty and in excellent condition while staying within their budget.


A typical roof warranty requires at least one roof inspection to be performed a year by an authorized contractor. This requirement is beneficial for the property owner and the company that issues the warranty. During the yearly inspection, the inspector will check for not only current problems but areas that could turn into problems in the future. This allows repairs to be made before they grow larger and become costly.

A good maintenance plan will go a step further; they will clean your gutters, mend your flashings and perform minor repairs for the cost of the program. Having a service team visit your roof regularly not only gives you peace of mind, but it expands your roof’s lifespan and keeps you within your warranty guidelines.

In addition to scheduled maintenance, it’s more important to have your roof maintenance team to your facility before and after severe weather (such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail or winter storms) to make sure any damage from the weather is minimized. Keep in mind that you want a contractor that has an emergency line in the event of water entering your building or any other drastic roof damage.

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