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Hail Damage: What You Should Do About This Serious Roof Problem

Hail causes shingles to curl or fall off, removes granules, and punctures shingles as well as other roof components. It is important to have a professional closely inspect your roof after hail falls and take pictures of damage. You will need detailed evidence to file a successful insurance claim and get reliable information about the integrity of the roof. Look for loose granules, small and large patches of white residue, cracks, split layers, and missing nails. Hail can cause small and large punctures that you may be able to spot from inside the attic. 

Check Your Warranty Information

Your warranty may cover hail damage and other damage you find from before the hail arrived. You should review relevant information about the original shingle type and make sure you order compatible replacement materials. Your warranty may stipulate the use of specific replacement materials or certain types of professional labor as well. 

Check for Water Damage and Schedule Repairs

Water can seep inside the roof structure and collect between different layers of weatherproofing before repairs are completed. Be sure you have your contractor look for any additional moisture before repairs begin. Some professionals can use infrared technology to get a detailed assessment and inspect underneath shingles as they begin repairs. Ask your contractor to check gutters, flashing, sections of the chimney, and other roof components as well. 

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