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How to Make Your Roof Stronger Before a Storm

Not matter if your community gets severe storms or hurricanes, it always pays be step one ahead of storm damage. If you’re up for the task, follow these steps whenever harsh weather is in the forecast.

The Vital Steps 

First, you’ll need to reinforce the decking on your roof with new plywood. Step two is optional; it involves adding high-impact shingles. High-impact shingles will give your home superior protection against the stronger storms. If you would like to put these shingles on your roof, contact a local roofing company, and find out if they offer these shingles to locals in your area.  

Remove All Debris

In order to fully protect your roof from storm damage, you’ll also have to strengthen the perimeter. To do so, walk around your home, and gather any stray objectives that could become projectiles during severe storms. Objects like lawn furniture, lawn decor, grills, and other outdoor items could launch into the air, land on your roof, and damage it. 

Improve Drainage

A roof’s drainage system must be up to par before a storm. If it is not, water from the gutters will back up on a roof, and it will create moisture in vulnerable spots. In time, this moisture can cause an extensive water damage. 

There are a few ways to improve drainage on a roof; you could improve it with roof maintenance, roof repairs, or with upgrades. If you choose to pursue some upgrades, you should set your sights on new downspouts.

Apply Sealants

A sealant serves two purposes; it protects a roof from water damage and wind damage. If you would like to strengthen your roof with sealants, you’ll need to hire a roofer for a roof inspection. The roofer will decide if your roof is vulnerable and where sealants should be applied.

Start the Journey to a Stronger Roof

If your roof is vulnerable and you need a roofer, contact Top Roof Innovations. We’ll be happy to walk you through exactly what your roof needs for a safe storm season.