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Animals That Like To Build Nests in Gutters

Small animals can destroy your gutters and roof by building nests in the gutters. Gutters can seem like a cool location with few other animals around when the weather is dry. Many animals like building their nests above the first, second, or even third level. Have a professional inspect your gutters regularly for nests, missing pieces of fascia, holes, and uncovered vents. Professional removal and pest control are always the safest ways to handle nests of all sizes. Look for droppings and listen for noises around the gutters as you do regular maintenance to locate nests. 


Birds are more likely than other animals to build nests in gutters and may put the nest on or near the downspout. They usually prefer gutters with debris in them to clean ones and may tear leaf guards and screens. 


Bees may build inside or around the gutters and drill holes in the adjacent siding. Bees, wasps, and hornets love messy gutters and can be deterred with semi-annual cleaning in the spring and fall. Bees’ nests may be accompanied by lizards and various insects that are attracted to damp areas.

Rats, Mice, Squirrels, and Chipmunks

These animals like to run through gutters and often chew through all kinds of materials in houses. Check your gutters, siding, attic, and flashing for damage if you find one of their nests. These animals are likely to build inside gutters near trees within jumping distance and will create flammable debris. 

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