Be a part of the hottest thing since shingles in july.

We are not your average roofing company, and we take great pride in that.  In fact, we don’t see it as a company at all. We are a FAMILY that puts people before profits.  

Roofing 101

Complete in-house training.  This includes our own sales technique, extensive product knowledge and how to overcome all customer objections.  Everything needed to be a sales master.

Unmatched Commission Rates

We offer an industry leading pay structure that includes the highest commission rates throughout.  

Outrageous Incentives

It would be unfair to list all the great opportunities and incentives we offer right here. We will just go with the sky’s the limit.

Endless Opportunity

A structure that can’t be beat there truly is endless opportunity for you here at Roof Top Innovations.  Roofing is our core but we are expanding into other areas all the time to continue providing futures for anyone that invests their time in us.

Continuing Education

Technology isn’t the only thing constantly changing.  In fact, technology is helping make our industry better.  No matter your experience and knowledge we strive to always be learning and teaching our entire team to offer the best service period.


We don’t provide jobs here at RTI, we begin careers and cement legacies.  The environment we have created here is that of a family.  Everyone is here to support each other and grow this business while building your name in the process.  Join Us Today.

Hustle will never guarantee success, but if we add hard work and the right tools we can get close.
Arnold Baxter
Roof Top Innovations

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